Don’t Get Lost in Your Own Distraction! Why the Time for You is Now.

Look, I understand busy. And distraction. I really do. I get caught in their two-fisted grip too often.

But busy has now mutated into a consuming spiral that is threateningly close to chaos. What happens then? Distraction then ends up running your show. It becomes your reason for not doing exactly what will tame that beast.

You know what that is. Getting quiet. Going inside. Following your inner compass. Giving yourself the space to discover that there really is a whole other way to live. And to actually do it!

Here is what I’ve seen in the last few months. Everywhere I look people are distracted. They aren’t following through. The daily news storm regularly overwhelms. They have to get the kids (or grand-kids) to their music lessons. They’ve been in meetings all day, and the list of emails to answer tonight is miles long.

But when busy becomes your reason for not doing something that will give you what you say you want, something in me wants to cry out.


Isn’t it time to make a change for yourself? To take control of the whirling and swirling and get back into the driver’s seat of your own life?

Instead of losing yourself in the chaos, learn to navigate within it. Own your life so that you can make choices that really work for you.

There is a reliable resource already within you that can bring a new simplicity and clarity to determining your true next step. It is part of your original “blueprint”. It is a hidden treasure, waiting for rediscovery. This is the Compass Within, your own unique inner guidance system.

Listen to that small voice inside of you that is trying to get your attention. It’s the first connecting point with The Compass Within. It may take some time to hear it, especially if you’ve given distraction free rein. Start by taking 3-5 minutes as you begin your day, before the siren call of your to-do list blocks out everything else. Keep it simple. Take a few slow deep breaths. Let your shoulders drop. Then let your breath find its own comfortable rhythm. Do the same thing in the middle of your day and then before you go to sleep.

You can do this. Because it’s time for you, isn’t it? Freedom is on the other side of distraction.

NOTE: The original version of this article appeared on The Baca Journey.

(Connecting with and navigating from your inner guidance system is exactly what I teach you to do in The Compass Within. You can take a look here: The Compass Within: Connect with Your Inner Knowing.  We’ll begin again in September.)

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