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Don't Ignore Your Company's Blog -- It Can Produce Long Term Revenue

There is absolutely no reason why your business shouldn't be blogging on a regular basis. Keeping your website updated with new blog posts gives your visitors new fresh content to engage with each time the visit.
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There is absolutely no reason why your business shouldn't be blogging on a regular basis. Keeping your website updated with new blog posts gives your visitors new fresh content to engage with each time the visit, and it also gives you the opportunity to target specific keywords that can help turn your blog into a long term revenue producer for your business.

Smaller businesses that receive low traffic volume and have low competition keywords can often get away with blogging on a weekly basis, while larger companies that are targeting a large number of competitive keywords will need to update their blog more often. Posting on a daily basis, or even multiple times a day can really help to create a long term asset for your business.

Consistent Long Term Website Traffic

Your blog needs to be a well thought out part of your online marketing strategy. You should be creating a content publication schedule and coordinating blog posts with the specific keywords your search engine optimization effort is targeting.

Targeting long tail keywords will help to pull in traffic, and when you create evergreen content that will be relevant and useful down the road you begin to increase your traffic numbers each month as your blog grows. Never think short term success when deciding whether or not your business should have an active blog. If you care about the long term success of your business then you need to start a blog on your website today.

Consistent Long Term Conversions

As mentioned above, your blog posts have the potential to attract visitors in the future, so this means that there is the possibility of conversions every time someone discovers your blog posts and visits your website. Constantly creating content and putting it out there to be discovered increases your visitors over time, and if your content is high quality and informative don't you think it will turn some of those visitors into customers?

If you are currently blogging but the conversions are slow you might want to look into making improvements to your blog that will make it more user friendly. Make changes that encourage your visitors to view additional content on your blog and share your content with their social connections. Focus on providing value and direct your blog readers to your offers, whether they are for lead generation or sales purposes. As long as you are attracting visitors the possibility of converting them will always exist.

Consistent Long Term Social Sharing

Every time someone discovers your blog content it presents an opportunity for him or her to share your content on social media. This opportunity is present the first day that you publish the content and every time someone comes across your blog posts in the search results. If your content provides value and if the reader feels that others will benefit as well they will tend to share it on social media. A simple plugin or line of code can be installed to give your visitors a very easy way to share each piece of content on your blog.

Builds Trust & Authority

Ever notice that some blogs tend to always show up at the top of the search results for their industry? It seems like they always have a post close to the top of the search results. This is because they have built up the authority of their website and the search engines now view them as a trustworthy source of information. This takes time, and it is something that will eventually pay off if you continue to publish quality content.

Imagine if you are blogging on a daily basis. In two years you could have over 700 blog posts indexed in the search results. This is why thinking long term is such an important strategy. The majority of blogs will start off strong. The business will get excited and start to produce content on a regular basis, but when they don't see immediate results they get discouraged and they stop. The key is to stick with it and always remember the big picture when blogging.

Gives Potential Customers Fresh Content on a Regular Basis

If you have a prospect that just came into contact with your company they will tend to visit your website often. Having fresh content for them to engage with every time they visit helps to keep them interested in your brand and coming back until they convert into a customer. If they visit a few times and see nothing new or exciting they will often lose interest and move onto another option.

Give them something to read every time they visit. They will see your website as a great source of information and you will see them return multiple times to read your content and become more familiar with your brand. The more times you can get them back and the longer you can keep them on your website, the better the chance of them turning into a customer.

As you can see there are many reasons that you should be blogging. It is very important to look at the big picture and realize that you have the potential for long term revenue every time you publish new content on your blog.

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