Don't Just Plead Guilty


SAUL H. SEGAN, Esquire

Law abiding citizens often get in their own way. Because of the mystique of our court systems, many of those who get arrested for traffic tickets or even worse, DUI's, anticipate so much fear of the courts, that they are too ready to "rollover and play dead," in order
to get it all over with. Too many have such fears that they are not
aware that they have legitimate defenses and need to take advantage
of that opportunity. They are afraid to call lawyers and afraid to
come to court. These rights are precious and sacred and are often a
safeguard against excessive penalties. Some states have provisions for very serious sanctions, including possible prison sentences for multiple convictions. Remember, it is up to the State to prove each case BEYOND A REASONABLE DOUBT. This is where you need a skilled, experienced lawyer, also someone that is familiar with reasonable programs that assist people who need rehabilitative help and can obtain it through court-sponsored programs.

The point is that the Courts are not automatically your enemy. Quite frequently justice is best served through the joint efforts of prosecution and defense. Hopefully, you have not gotten to the point where you are facing the serious sanctions, but don't wait until you are. If you are unfortunate enough to be facing driving while intoxicated charges, make sure you contact an experienced lawyer and listen to his or her advice. The dividends could be far greater than you can possibly realize. Refusing a breath test can results in a long suspension, even you are found not guilty of the crime itself. There is in most states an implied consent of all persons to take a breath test when requested by a police officer. Always be polite to the officers in question, It pays dividends.

These actions on your part can save a life or a career.