Don't Knock It, Giant Andy Warhol Pinata Comes To Brooklyn Museum

Think Andy Warhol ran over his 15-minute time limit long ago? Then head on out to the Brooklyn Museum and take a swing at artist Jennifer Rubell's 20-foot piñata version of the pop artist.

The giant art piece will be on display at the museum's annual Brooklyn Ball, and yes, attendees will be able to take a crack at it.

While Rubell tells the ArtsBeat blog that it will be filled with "the vernacular of American treats, which will remain nameless for the moment," Flavorwire has some suggestions as to what should be in it including nude First Lady photos, fake blond hair, and of course Campbell's soup cans.

Celebs such as Mario Batali, Annie Leibovitz, Hamish Bowles and Zac Posen are co-chairing the food-focused event.