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Don't Leave Your Flight Without These In-Flight Essentials

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When airline experts, who make a living being in flight for half of their year were asked, what the essentials that they can't live without, this is what they said: Six items were constantly mentioned by flight attendants, pilots, and frequent travel flyers. Simply, an informal poll shed light as to what these traveling experts never forget to pack. While bringing a silk pillow case may not be at the top of your in-flight needs, many travel professionals liked the idea of a touch of home while in the air. Others mentioned that a tennis ball serves as an excellent massage device.

The following items were picked by in-flights are necessary items on any journey by air.

1) Phone Charger

Seems simple, right? But, how many travelers forget their phone charger? The numbers at almost 30% will astound you. As your iPhone or other phone device stores all of your crucial information, how could one depart without an extra charger stored in a carry on?

2) Snacks And Utensils

How many times have you either been at the airport or not wanted to pay the exorbitant prices for food? It never hurts to carry healthy snacks such as almonds, dried fruit, granola bars, carob and chocolate, even carrots and celery in a ziplock bag. If you get hungry around the airport, or are without an in-flight meal, snacks come in very handy, and usually are a healthier meal.

3) Fresh Underwear

Now, this one caught me off guard. But why not be clean while on board and just in case carry an extra pair of drawers?

4) Water Bottle

After passing security you will need water. Flying taxes the body and only water will keep you properly hydrated. Who wants to arrive at a destination jet lag and in bad shape? Drinking as much water as possible is essential to arriving ready to hit the runway.

5) Be Your Own Pharmacy

Ever get a headache on your flight from perhaps drinking too many free alcoholic beverages? I think that we all can name a few hangovers from over exuberance in-flight. You'll be thankful that you remembered to bring along aspirin, pain relievers, antacids like tums or Rolaids, for after you've indulged in all the goodies on your flight.

6) Antibacterial Wipes

Let's face it, flying and germs are one in the same. Getting sick before you arrive on your trip is a game changer. Healthy travelers always carry wipes as a precaution to a vessel filled with germs. You can at least give it your best effort to fight off germs and infections while at 30,000 feet.

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