Don't Let Others' Expectations Limit You!

On Sunday last week, after a wonderful screening of Back on Board: Greg Louganis, I had an opportunity to indulge my other passion, acting! We had a wonderful backers' reading of Spring at the Willowbrook Inn. It was great to play with the amazingly talented actors Sean McDermott, Justin Lore, and Jason Patrick Sands under the guidance and direction of Scott Wojcik. Spring at the Willowbrook Inn is a lovely play written by Jonathan Van Dyke and Douglas C. Evans. It's a sweet, touching love story spanning from the late 1960s, addressing the pain of the mores of the time (real and imagined), to today, where marriage equality is a reality. It was quite the emotional journey.

I know for many it was quite a jump to see me go from Olympic diver to actor, and yes, I have seen many an eye roll -- "Oh, not another one!" -- but performing is where it all began for me. I was on stage by the time I was 3, singing and tap dancing. I have quite a number of acting credits to my name, mostly theater -- Cinderella, Jeffrey, Nunsense A-Men, and Dan Butler's one-man show The Only thing Worse You Could Have Told Me... -- but some film: Touch Me, Watercolors, Saber Dance, and the soon-to-be-released Entourage: The Movie.

The point I'm trying to get at is this: Don't give up on your dreams! Do what you love! I will continue to engage in activism for human rights and HIV education and awareness, and I will continue pursuing my passion for the sports of diving and dog agility. Speaking of the latter, I have the lofty goal of making it onto a team competing in the World Agility Championships with my next puppy -- whenever that might be, as I know the commitment that entails. In preparation, I'm doing my homework by following my mentor in the sport of dog agility, Susan Garrett.

We often impose limitations on ourselves based on the influence of others. Listen to your heart and follows your dreams. As I have said in the past, if you reach for the stars and don't encounter a few clouds, you aren't reaching high enough! Go for it! Don't limit yourself. Follow your heart and your passions. The ones who love you will support you unconditionally; anyone who doesn't support you doesn't really love you.

Greg Louganis