Don't Let Your Age Define You!

You are never to young or old to start following your dreams! Today is the perfect day to start working towards your goals! Growing up we hear "oh you can do that when you're older, be a kid now," "only grown ups can work," "maybe one day you are going to do that." Why wait until someday to follow your dreams? Today is a great day to start living your life and following your passions!

Age is just a number and it should have no affect on how much you can accomplish. One idea can spark a brilliant idea that can be a catalyst to the rest of your life. Many successful companies have been started by people under the age of 18 who have followed their passions and started their own businesses! Here are a few...

Cory Nieves
At the age of 9 Cory wanted to earn money and help his mom buy a car. He started selling lemonade and eventually expanded into making cookies. His cookies were a huge success so he decided to create his own cookie company. He created Mr.Cory's Cookies an all natural cookie line and has grown his company exponentially!

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Moziah Bridges
Moziah could not find bow ties that were appealing to his style. He started designing and sewing his own after learning from his grandmother. Moziah created a solution to his problem and started making his own bow ties and selling them on Esty. Now he has expanded his brand and created Mo's Bows that have been picked up by many stores in the United States, Canada, as well as the Bahamas!

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Noa Mintz
Noa wanted to find the perfect caregiver to fit her family's needs. At the age of 12 Noa launched her company Nannies by Noa, an online childcare agency for families in New York City and the Hamptons. Noa and her team have set high standard and expectations for their experienced caregivers!

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Anshul Samar
In sixth grade Anshul combined his love of card games and chemistry. When creating his game Elementeo, a board game to teach chemistry to people of all ages he wanted to make it fun. He is now a Stanford student and has started a grant fund for other young entrepreneurs!

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Gabrielle Flank
At the age of 15 Gabrielle and her sister embarked on the journey of opening their own bath and beauty company! In 2008 Gabrielle was diagnosed with leukemia and developed a strong passion for natural bath and beauty products. With their love for beauty products and bakery treats they created The Frosting Company, a natural bath and beauty bakery free of harsh chemicals and artificial preservatives!

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Isabella Rose Taylor
Isabella is a self taught designer from Texas and did not let her age stop her. At the age of 12 Isabella was already scoring huge deals with Nordstrom. Now 16, Isabella has her own clothing label and has showcased her designs at NYC Fashion Week!

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Success cannot be judged based on age but rather by your actions and accomplishments. Whether you are 50 or 15 years old you can follow your passions. Never be afraid to pursue your passions and never let a number (your age) get in the way of your success.