Don't Mess With This Baby's French Fry

Consider yourself warned...

Sleep experts say parents should let young kids sleep with things that make them feel comfortable and more relaxed at night. Usually, these “security objects” are stuffed animals or a blanket.

The sleeping boy in this America’s Funniest Home Video clip has his own take on what makes him feel secure.

It’s salty. It’s warm. It gets the job done if hunger pangs start to get in the way of your slumber. And he literally won’t sleep without it. It’s a French Fry.

The boy’s parent knows a French Fry is definitely not something any baby or child should be sleeping with.

(Food or any small object that a child might put in his or her mouth while they sleep could be a choking hazard. The best bedtime snacks for kids are high in protein. And too much sodium can increase heart disease risk down the line.)

The parent tries to slyly remove the French Fry from the boy’s hand three times. Watch how the baby responds.

Sarah DiGiulio is The Huffington Post’s sleep reporter. You can contact her at

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