Don't Miss the Signs

We're too busy in our own heads hashing out the details and thinking about things to notice that we're being given the answer. Or, in many cases, we're being presented with images, words, or people that, for a moment, make the answer clear.
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Change is tricky. Some people fear and resist it with all their might while others welcome it with open arms. Sometimes it just depends on what the change entails.

For big changes... like changing jobs or professions, deciding whether or not to stay in a relationship, or considering whether or not to relocate, it's not always clear what you should do.

A big part of this is that we tend to weigh the pros and cons, overanalyze the situation or use logic to try and trump intuition. Pretty soon, we find ourselves in a state of distress, totally confused and completely unclear on what we should do... begging God, or the Universe, or whatever higher power we believe in, for some kind of sign!

Unfortunately, many of us miss the signs.

We're too busy in our own heads hashing out the details and thinking about things to notice that we're being given the answer. Or, in many cases, we're being presented with images, words, or people that, for a moment, make the answer clear.

Not to worry, I have three simple steps that will help you see the signs.


How to receive the exact guidance and answers you need:

1) Get clear on your question and ask for guidance.

When you're lost in the negative thoughts, worry, and endless options of your mind, it can be hard for the Universe to know how to answer or support you. The first step is to get clear on what it is you need!

Are you trying to determine if moving is the right option, or do you just need to figure out where you should go next? Do you already know your relationship is over and need support ending it, or do you need guidance on how to get things back to how they were?

The clearer you are on where you're unclear, the better.

2) Release it to the Universe or higher power.

Once you're clear on what you need support with, you have to release it. Sitting around obsessing won't produce change or answers. In fact, it will just stress you out and make the process take way longer than it should. Don't do it!

Go to church and pray for specific support. Meditate on your question and visualize yourself sending it out into the Universe. Write a letter to a higher power in your journal. Do what you need to do to put your needs out there... then release it. Stop obsessing, thinking and focusing on this issue. Step away from it and focus on other things for awhile.

3) Get out of your head and pay attention!

What stands out to you?

When there's something you need to figure out, your mind automatically creates a heightened awareness as it works to "solve" the problem. Yes, this leads to overanalayzing, thinking too much and fretting, but it also allows you to pick things out you wouldn't otherwise notice. You start to see exactly what you need to see in order to solve the problem.

Because the Universe works through people, the answers, insights, and signs come in many different forms.

The pin on Pinterest with the exact thing you need to hear. Not only that... but you see different versions of it (or similar quotes) all over Facebook and Twitter. Three of your favorite bloggers blog about your situation, or something similar, giving you insight that you desperately needed. The random movie you rented has an issue similar to yours and the ending inspires you to take the action you knew you needed to take.

If you stop and pay attention after releasing, you'll begin to see a theme in all this. With every discovery, you'll feel compelled to take action in one direction or another. You'll continue to see these signs until you take the action you need to take and if you don't, pretty soon it will seem like the Universe is screaming at you!

Important: Don't try to read into things!

Paying attention doesn't mean reading every single conversation, image, quote, or blog post and trying to make it into a sign from the Universe. It's about opening yourself up and paying attention to what stands out on it's own. What stirs something deep inside your soul, catches your eye in a sea of information or just feels right?

Take action now!

Get clear on one thing you need support with and ask for it. Release it to your higher power and practice opening yourself up and staying out of your head. Take note of what you see come up... is there a theme? Are you beginning to feel intuitive hits around one direction or another?

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