Don't Quit Social Media


I'm back!

I spent nearly half a year without Facebook (had access to Facebook Messenger), Linkedin, Twitter and other social networks. No media as well, except financial outlets for work reasons. In other words, all this time I lived in digital abstinence and isolation.

The result? You tell me. I didn't experience a bliss or found a deeper meaning of life. My happiness dropped, productivity stayed flat at best. I lost touch with reality and couldn't separate my work from my personal life. I lost connection with my friends, motivation, and aspirations.

We all know it, but this experience drilled it into me once and for all: Humans are just wired to connect. Yet, in this technology-driven, globalized word, we interact in person less.

Social media and messaging apps won't replace face-to-face interaction, but you want it or not, now that's the way it is. It's the new means of communication that will only take a bigger part of our lives as we move forward in this age. You have to embrace it.

The problem is not the medium but its addictive and toxic nature. For some reason -- I'm sure scientists have already answered that -- people get hooked on this thing really bad.

There's also a lot of noise out there. The bulk of information is worthless and emotionally harmful. The intent behind most updates is just a self-seeking cry for recognition, praise, support, admiration, validation, which adds no value to your life.

But there are also people who broadcast beautiful things. Thoughts that inspire and challenge your perspective. Successes that drive competition in a positive way. Conversations that lead change. Personalities that put a smile on your face.

Why should I and you miss out on all of this?

We don't quit the world because there are bad people out there. We ignore and avoid them. People on social media are the same, the medium is just different.

Isolation is no answer, that's my main takeaway here. I'm sorry but that's all I've got. There's no point to quit social media entirely, just on principle. Just because some people say stupid things. That's selfish, stupid, and adds no value.

Instead, mute the toxic noise in your feed and follow people who push you forward as a lover, a founder, a father, a human being or whoever you strive to be. Oh, and don't engage in social networks during your peak productivity hours and you'll be fine.

Social media gives you easy access. It's you choice what and how much to take from it.