Don’t Quit Your Job (But) Go from Idea to Income in 27 Days

Start a business, go on an epic quest, see every country in the world, publish your writing…

These are the things every bucket list is made of.

Want to meet someone who’s done exactly that?

Introducing Chris Guillebeau. New York Times Best Selling Author who successfully accomplished his goal of seeing every country in the world by the time he was 35 years old.

Now Chris is on another journey, and this time, it’s to help you go from idea to action on your side business in just 27 days with his new book Side Hustle.

What impressed me most about my conversation with Guillebeau was his genuine belief that you don’t need to live life the way others have told you. A seemingly obvious remark from a guy who’s blog is called “The Art of Non-Conformity.” But you see, Chris has started a true movement and community around this concept of not fitting in. His conference series, World Domination Summit, has grown a cult following where people who value being themselves and pursuing their own happiness flock every summer in Portland, Oregon.

Chris makes it easy for people who are struggling trying to get their own ideas off the ground. “It’s not like selecting a college or deciding who your life partner is going to be,” he told me, “you can always start over.”

“And maybe you don’t want to show your mom your Youtube channel at first,” he advised me when asked how to overcome your fear of showing others your work. Chris is all about finding your tribe or community of people who have similar values to you and will support your work and/or weirdness.

Chris really walks the walk when it comes to having side hustles and pursuing creative work that fulfills him. He has now published five books in the last eight years, and produces a new podcast every single day with inspiring stories of people who have created a business out of something they’ve started on the side. All in addition to running non-profit World Domination Summit which has brought together over 10,000 people from forty countries, with a core team of just eight volunteers! Through his various creative outlets and projects, Chris has gotten to know himself better, which almost always leads to great confidence and levels of success.


Want to hear tips right out of Chris’ mouth? Listen to our entire conversation on the Live Different Podcast and don’t forget to pick up a new copy of Side Hustle.

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