Produce You Should Never Put In The Fridge

The Produce You Should Never Put In Your Refrigerator

Don't stick that onion in the fridge! You might think that you're being resourceful. You might think you're stretching your dollars by prolonging the life of your produce (which, in a way, you kind of are). But what you're really doing is making them taste worse -- a lot worse.

If you think about it, refrigerating much of our produce just isn't logical. All of the foods we eat are unique, so it makes sense that they should be treated according to their individual makeup. There's a pretty simple rule to follow (disclaimer: it isn't 100 percent fool-proof, because even supermarkets get it wrong sometimes): if it's not being kept cold at the supermarket, it really shouldn't be kept cold in your home.

The fruits and veggies that most often get mistreated are onions, potatoes and tomatoes. (And the banana too, but we won't get into that again.) Plain and simple, these three items are at their best when kept out of the fridge. Yes, they're still edible if refrigerated. And yes, they might technically have a longer life-span in your crisper drawer. But all in all, it's in your best interest to leave them out.

Click through the slideshow below to learn why this produce goes bad in the fridge, and how to best store them. Also, you can learn an interesting fact about potatoes and onions, too.

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No Fridge Please!

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