24 Things You Should Never, Ever Say On A First Date

24 Things You Should Never, Ever Say On A First Date
man approaching a woman in a bar
man approaching a woman in a bar

Nothing ends an otherwise good date faster than saying something stupid.

Constantly updating your dream wedding Pinterest board? Don't reveal that. Have very strong feelings about your ex-wife? If you want a second date, it's best to keep that information to yourself.

We're just scratching the surface here. Below, HuffPost Divorce readers share the one sentence that would kill the mood instantly if said on a first date. Read them but please don't repeat them.

2. "It's just ridiculous, the wage gap isn't even REAL."

3. "'I don't like kids'... when I have kids."

5. 'I Googled you.' Even if you totally did, don't say it. It's creepy."

6. "Unless we're having a discussion about biology, any use of the word 'females' to describe women and girls is a no-no."

8. "'I don't like dogs...' Is that so? This isn't going to work -- and by the way, you have no soul."

9. "Him: 'I'm really into true murder mystery books' (said creepily while browsing at a bookstore) Me: 'I need to go.' True story."

10. "'My marriage ended because of my ex. I was a great spouse and parent and she was just bad at both.' Blame is not sexy."

12. "So yeah, my apartment has two bedrooms. My mother lives in the second bedroom, but she won't mind hearing us."

13. "'My favorite restaurants are McDonalds and Subway.' After he told me that, I blinked slowly and said '...Okayyyy.'"

15. "'I don't usually date black women...' Oh, really? Well, I'm not about to be your experiment."

16. "'We're going Dutch tonight!' #DateKiller."

20. "No, I don't have a gun... I always carry a knife."

22. "Don't tell me 'I'm not attracted to women with short hair' when I have short hair. Why in the $&@# did you ask me out in the first place?!"

24. "So this is just not working out."

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