Don’t Settle For Someone Who Already Left You Once Before

You deserve someone who would never want to tear your heart apart.
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Please, please have some self respect. Do not go back to the person who ran from your beautiful love. Do not go back to the person who left your heart run over on the worn down pavement. Do not go back to the person who never lived up to their promises.

You deserve someone who would never ever dream of running from you. Who would never even think of doing that to you. Of causing you so much pain and suffering.

You deserve someone who would never want to tear your heart apart.

I get it. It’s easy to do when the one you loved is begging for you back. It’s easy to trust when you shouldn’t trust. And it’s easy to love, when you shouldn’t love.

But listen, when they beg for you back and are staring up at you saying everything that you have always wanted to hear from them, please, don’t believe them.

They already showed you who they were when they left you. They already showed you their true colors when they turned away. They already showed you that they don’t deserve you, when they said goodbye.

Don’t be a fool.

I know you desperately want to be loved just like we all do. I know you want so desperately to be adored and to be taken care of, like we all do. But the person that left you before is going to leave again. The person that already left you, won’t ever be the one to permanently stay.

So don’t chase after them when they call you back. Don’t fill their loneliness up. Don’t fill your sadness up with their black heart. Don’t you dare settle for their half-hearted love that will only break you again and again.

Build yourself back up on your own. Run the other direction when they show up at your front door. Run and never look back. Just like they did with you.

You are lovable, even if you don’t believe it yet. You are worthy of big love, even if you can’t comprehend it yet. And you deserve to be adored in every way possible. You deserve a love that never questions you. And you deserve a love that never ever would want to harm you.

So don’t give them the benefit of a doubt. Don’t forget what this person did to you. Don’t ever forget how they ripped up your heart. You deserve so much more than someone who had the audacity to leave. You deserve so much more than someone who had the audacity to break you, and show up once again.

Please don’t go back to that false hope. Please don’t go back to the lies and the broken promises and the tears. Don’t go back to the maybes and the questions marks and the fear. Don’t go back to the games.

You deserve so much better. And you know what? I think you already know that.

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