Don't Stress: What Health And Wellness Experts Are Letting Go Of This Year

The Experts Answer: What's The One Thing You've Stopped Stressing About?
Geese crossing road, Smithville, NJ
Geese crossing road, Smithville, NJ

Traffic. Crow's feet. The weather. A bad hair day.

There's a seemingly interminable list of little stressors that are out of our control. One thing we can control? Our reaction to them.

The decision not to pace over the inevitable is one worth making. Less stress means more time to take pleasure in all that brings you joy. You'll be doing your health a favor, too, since stress can affect our health in ways that are just plain scary: Chronic stress has been associated with increased risk for cancer, heart disease and obesity.

In the spirit of choosing not to stress (and in honor of April being National Stress Awareness Month) we asked health and wellness experts to tell us one thing they've decided to stop stressing over this year. These are the folks who have made careers researching, dissecting and developing methods to manage stress in one way or another. Check out their answers in the slideshow, then let us know in the comments: What stressors have you let go of recently?


What Experts Won't Stress Over

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