Don't Tell My Mom

With all that is spoken, I love most, that which is spoken from the heart. For those words are not trinkets to entertain the mind, nor are they playthings for jugglers of language to amuse us. Words spoken from the heart are what lead us to the stairs where rainbows are found. And from whom do they come?

Never let children pass you by without listening to the golden truths they offer. For surely, because they speak from their hearts, Divine Mind speaks through them, offering many bright pearls of wisdom.

Sir Isaac Newton said, “If I have ever made any valuable discoveries, it has been owing more to paying attention than to any other talent.” It’s reported that he also claimed that paying attention to small children offered him many valuable insights that he was unable to glean while listening to the wisest of men. He felt that children offered him inspirations that enabled him to think beyond his usual model of reality.

So, what does all of this have to do with you?

Have you ever considered being on the lookout for an ordinary, everyday, unassuming guru to pass your way? An unassuming guru is not those folks who claim they are smarter than you, and insists on giving you a lesson or two on how to live better your life. Unassuming gurus are oftentimes children who unpretentiously offer the perfect truth that you are unconsciously seeking. They offer an insight that helps you set your sight right.

Karen is seven. She loves to say, “Hi” to Shakespeare when our paths cross at the local pond where I travel. Shakespeare is my parrot companion of 34 years now. He rides on my left shoulder. I get down on one knee when Karen passes by so she can chat with him, eye to eye.

This particular day, after saying “Hi,” Karen asked Shakey, “Can you talk Yakespeare?” (That’s how she pronounces his name). Shakey was quick to boldly respond, “I can talk, can you fly?” I’d taught him that a few years back, but I never know when he may say it. Karen looked at him startled. Then she looked around and looked up at her mom. Finally, she leaned forward and whispered, “I CAN fly! But don’t tell my mom.”

WOW! I got goosebumps. That was from the heart. It was true. She can fly. She can do anything she truly desire to do. I hope Karen never loses sight of that beautiful truth when she grows up. And why would she not want her mom to know? I suppose because moms play it safe and stop children from trying to jump too high.

Karen’s response is not a trinket. It is not a juggling of words. Karen’s response is the golden truth about Karen. It’s also the golden truth about you. You can fly! Can you feel it? What might you do if you believed it?

You attract and act on what you believe is true about you. What high aspiration have you conceived, that is still sitting in the storehouse of your dreams? Perhaps now is the perfect time to take some small, but serious action toward achieving it.

Karen has offered you a magical thread of inspiration to guide you. Trust your feelings. Yes, yes, you can fly. Don’t tell anyone, BUT DO TELL YOURSELF! Tell yourself again and again. You will be surprised at the miracles that will unfold to help prove to you that you can soar high.

Folks who share from their hearts often offer psychological magic. And what is the purpose of such magic? To help us end our lives of dullness and desperation.

The purpose of this article is to give you a point for pondering. I’ve written it from my heart in hope it touches your soul.

Blessings, Rob

Ps. What the world needs now is a spiritual fragrance of freshness. For the fragrance to be fresh, the conversation needs to be new. Have you met an everyday, ordinary, unassuming guru? Perhaps you’ll leave a comment and share it?

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