New Hampshire Bill To Make Felony Of 'Touching Junk' (VIDEO)

WATCH: New Hampshire Bill Would Make 'Touching Junk' A Felony

John Tyner's mandate about junk-touching has gone national. A Republican state representative from New Hampshire named George Lambert has co-sponsored a bill that would make it a felony to touch or view someone's private parts without probable cause.

Lambert was interviewed by MSNBC on Wednesday to discuss the bill, which would apply to TSA pat downs, as well as the agency's x-ray scanners. The bill would essentially make it a sexual assault to conduct an invasive pat down or look at images of a traveler on one of the TSA's new high-tech scanners.

When asked why Lambert is involved in the bill, he told MSNBC that after 9/11 the federal government told the TSA that they "could search for weapons, they could search for explosives, but they never gave them broad-based ability to reach into someone's underwear."

So why does Lambert hold TSA agents responsible, as opposed to say, John Pistole or Janet Napolitano? Because "they're the ones that are sitting there and creating something that's a sexual assault." Zing.

He claims to have talked to a woman who said she had the "equivalent of a gynecological exam" at the airport.

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