'Don't Trust The B---- In Apartment 23' Premiere: Mark-Paul Gosselaar Gives James Van Der Beek An Intervention (VIDEO)

Same "B----," new time slot. ABC is pairing "Don't Trust the B---- in Apartment 23" with "Happy Endings" to create a Tuesday night comedy block. But the new night is the only change evident on "Apartment 23" -- though June seemed convinced sadness has cost her a full cup size. Chloe was as manipulative as ever, though oddly, it came from a place of love at times.

This week, it was revealed that she's been sending "Dawson's Creek" reunion pleas to her bestie James Van Der Beek for years. The truth is, the cast hates him. When June convinced James to go along with the reunion, the truth came out, and James was crushed. Guest star Busy Philipps explained that it had to do with the bill for a ton of boats when "Creek" wrapped.

But James was obsessed with it now, so he tried to find a way to horn himself into someone else's reunion show. So he accosted Frankie Muniz in a shopping mall, suggesting that Dawson could show up at a "Malcolm in the Middle" reunion. Finally, Chloe had to pull in the big guns: Zack Morris.

Mark-Paul Gosselaar knows a bit about what James was going through, thanks to a little show called "Saved by the Bell," but he also knows it's important to leave the past in the past. "We can’t let that role define us," he told James.

While it was getting real for the guys, June and Chloe were loving seeing two teen idols together, with Chloe hoping they'd kiss.

The new season of "Don't Trust the B---- in Apartment 23" settles into its new night, Tuesdays at 9:30 p.m. ET on ABC.

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