Don't Wait for Opportunity to Knock

We are in the midst of the greatest change of our time. The workforce has evolved and so has our economy. Every industry has been touched by these changes. If we don't all change with it, what chance do we have? None of us really knows what all of these changes mean or what exactly they entail yet and we may not until we look back at them years from now perhaps recognizing that this was, in fact, the "Greater Depression". That does not mean we don't still have to press on and adapt the way our grandparents and great grandparents did when they endured similar trials.

This means throwing out everything we thought we knew about the workforce and starting over. Take a lesson from the film industry - going digital, switching to on-demand, releasing films online for purchase as opposed to in theaters. These are just a few examples of how that industry has learned to adapt to the changes in the world. They recognize that a family of four cannot afford to go to the movies as easily as they once could, so they bring the movie to you in your home. Sure, they may have lost some money too but it beats making no money at all.

We, as a workforce, need to develop similar, less conventional ideas. If you have a skill, there are ways for it to be utilized. It may not be the way you are used to using that skill but, if you are willing to explore your options, you may find something even more fulfilling. I have met people in the last few months that have starting consulting online through various established websites, tutoring, or even starting their own websites. Most of the established websites have a need for advice from people from all backgrounds. The more you put into it, the more you get paid.

Then, there is always the opportunity to look at this as a chance to change your life and your career all together. This doesn't have to be a dead end. It can be a new beginning. It can be an opportunity for some to do what they've always wanted to do but never could (for whatever reason). For example, the Peace Corp. offers loan forgiveness. If that sounds a bit too adventurous for you, there are other domestic organizations that do the same types of work but just deal with the United States. This may be a good option for recent college graduates who find themselves unable to get jobs. It offers loan forgiveness and alleviates the pressure put on parents to have their kids back in the house again after graduation. This is a growing problem in families where the parents were hoping to retire at this stage and now find themselves unemployed as well.

The job crisis isn't going away any time soon and neither is the failing global economy so we are going to have to make it work for us. We need to stop waiting for it to end and get on board with some of the more cutting edge industries. If we want jobs, we're going to have to make them ourselves. I cannot come up with an answer for every job in one article but it comes down to supply and demand. Whatever skill you have, somebody wants or needs it. Now you just have to figure out how in demand you are and how you supply your skill set to the masses in the most unique way possible. It may not be conventional and it may not be in the same capacity as before but it will get you working and that is all you really want, isn't it?