Don't Walk Away From Failure, Walk Forward.

The most rewarding success is failure. Yeah yeah, I sound absurd. But hear me out. Time… and Failure, are like a recipe for awesome. Trust me on this.

I can honestly say that until this year, I saw failure as a testament to my worth. I saw not achieving exactly what I set out to do, as me not being good enough. I second guessed my abilities. I thought I had no control over that inevitable disappointment that burns like a bad shot of whiskey. I never realized that every single failure in my life, was just a step in the staircase to success. Looking back over the years, I can’t believe how hard I worked. I also can’t believe how little I thought of what I accomplished with my hard work, when it didn’t turn out jusssstttt the way I had hoped. Little did I know, I was cultivating months and years of solid experience, developing new and diverse skills, and gaining confidence that I didn’t even recognize as confidence until now. You can’t pay money for the type of wisdom you amass by learning, putting in effort, failing, and doing it all over again a different way.

What I didn't know... was that Failure was my college. The college of life, if you will. I have acquired everything I can do today, by navigating my way to my “failures”, and then navigating my way out of them, onto the next attempt or idea. I finally recognized, like a freaking pile of bricks hitting me in the face, (okay that’s a little aggressive… let’s go with ghost bricks - Casper’s bricks), that everything I failed at, every time I gave up and tried something new, I was building a menagerie of capabilities. HOW COOL IS THAT?

So I say this to you. Next time you fail at something, investigate the minutes, hours, weeks and months that led you to it. Look at everything you created in that time. Aren’t you like a tiny bit impressed? Well I am. Because I know that within that time, you made progress that never would’ve happened if you didn’t even try.

Life is a short, miraculous, but a sometimes confusing thing. It’s going to be full of the good stuff, and the bad stuff. But, when you hit the speed bumps - smile and give thanks to that jagged path. Because being happy and grateful now for it all, will powerfully signal the universe to deliver your desired outcome in the days ahead. Realize that failure in the present moment is only in the the present. And that your future - is going to be a collection of knowledge and power and YOU’RE LIKE A DAMN GENIE NOW! WOOHOO!

Soooo.. Keep your frequency raised, tune it in to confidence, crushing it, and all that jazz. Focus on the you that you want to be. And then watch all the ups and downs of life reveal your beautiful destiny like a rose opening in the sunlight. :)

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