Quick-Thinking Dad Saves Kid Just As Car Crashes Into Donut Shop

A father's swift reflexes saved his 4-year-old son from serious injury.

A quick-thinking man in Colorado saved his son from a car in a very unexpected place: inside a donut shop.

Surveillance footage showed Allan Taylor and his 4-year-son Zane standing at the counter, waiting for their donuts.

“We come here every other Saturday and Sunday, it’s our ritual over the last two years,” Taylor told local Fox station KDVR.

Then, a vehicle crashed through the storefront and headed for the boy.

“I was paying and doing what I always do, I glance at him and make sure he’s fine, and when I glanced I saw the car coming through the door,” Taylor told the station.

He dove to get Zane out of the car’s path.

“It was hitting me as I was grabbing him,” Taylor said.

“I heard the pop in the intersection, I turned, it was all in slow motion,” Kirk Manzanares, a consultant for City Donuts who witnessed the incident, told CBS Denver. “My first initial (thought)… was, ‘Where is the kid, where is the kid?’”

According to the Denver Channel, the father and son were treated for minor injuries and released.

The car was stolen and the suspects jumped out after the crash and fled. They remain at large.

One place they will not be welcome: Zane’s birthday party.

Zane told KDVR they’re not invited because they are “mean.”

However, Manzanares said Zane can have a free donut every Saturday for life.

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