These Are The Donut Walls That Dreams Are Made Of

If you’ve been to a wedding in these past few months, chances are you have encountered a donut wall. It’s the latest trend at receptions and it. is. glorious.

There are many stages one goes through the first time experiencing a donut wall. First, there’s complete and total disbelief. Is this for real? Sometimes pinching occurs to make sure it’s not just a dream. Second, total gluttony. So many beautiful donuts, so wonderfully arranged ― it’s not your fault. Third, bliss. Bliss that donut walls exist. Bliss that you get to pick donuts off a wall. Bliss that donuts are now the highlight at events, instead of cake.

If you have not yet encountered a donut wall, this is what you’ve been missing out on. (And what you should really be offering at your next party ― no matter how big or small the occasion.)

Mmm... donut wall deliciousness! 🍩🙌 via @ruffledblog + photo by @dezandtam x

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Donuts for dayze

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Loved this #donut wall at @vickysdonuts over the weekend @mostcuriouswedfair 😍

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45 delicious feet of donuts. #adobemax #carboloading #nofilter #donutwall

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