Doo Doo The Clown From 'Billy Madison' Becomes City Hero After Rescuing Women

The cure for your clown-phobia.

If "American Horror Story: Freak Show" ruined clowns for you forever (R.I.P. Twisty), then get ready to meet Doo Doo, your new clown hero. 

"Billy Madison" fans might recognize Doo Doo the Clown, whose real name is Shane Farberman, from his short appearance in the 1995 comedy, but now he's making headlines for a different reason. 

On Sunday afternoon, two women were approached by a strange man terrorizing a Toronto neighborhood, according to City News. Farberman, who was driving by with two clown colleagues in the back seat, called 911 and jumped into action when the man began targeting the women. 

“[The women] started walking a little quicker. They obviously knew something was up. And the guy turns around and starts chasing them,” Farberman told the Toronto Star

The assailant reportedly punched one of the women in the upper torso. 

Farberman immediately called out to the women and opened up his vehicle for protection. 

As the women fled for safety into the (clown) car, the man followed, violently attacking the vehicle from the outside. The incident was caught on tape thanks to Farberman's dashboard camera, given to him by his son earlier this week. 

“He was kicking, smashing it, and all of a sudden he ripped my mirror off," Farberman said. "He looked like Jack Nicholson in ['The Shining'].”

According to City News, the disturbed individual was unsuccessful in his attempts to get into the vehicle and was later apprehended by the police. He is now under psychological evaluation at a hospital with charges pending. 

Doo Doo was honored by councilman Norm Kelly on Monday and received a celebratory scroll from the city's government. 

Clowns save lives y'all. 

Watch an interview with Farberman below for a peek into the life of America's favorite clown. 


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