'Doomsday Preppers': Man Lives Completely Off The Grid Already (VIDEO)

On "Doomsday Preppers," Joe and his family are so committed to being prepared for the apocalypse, they're living as if it's already happened. Completely off the grid, the family has no computer or television.

"I don’t have a computer. I wouldn’t know how to check an email if I got one," Joe said. He went so far as to say he didn't even know what an email was.

The family makes their own soap -- which they use for washing everything from their bodies to their dishes and laundry -- and takes baths outdoors, above a fire to warm the water. He harvests his own crops and goats, among other things, to survive in his simplified lifestyle.

Most people actually use his cast-iron bath over a fire method as a cheaper version of a hot tub and not to actually keep themselves clean, but Joe and his family are happy and content -- and prepared. There is just one question. If they are that far off the grid, would they even know if the end of the world happened?

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