The Weird Little Village In Ireland That Absolutely Loves Donald Trump

"Trump Town" is celebrating the incoming U.S. president.

Donald Trump’s election was met with protests around the U.S., including in his hometown of New York City. Some Trump-branded apartment complexes even took his name off their buildings.

But there’s a small village in Ireland that’s elated by the news ― Doonbeg, or as some people call it, “Trump Town.”

Doonbeg is home to the Trump International Golf Links & Hotel Ireland, and as the video above shows, many of the locals are thrilled with all of the attention they’re getting. Drinks are on the house, and they’re celebrating Melania Trump in song.

Check out the clip above, from the Irish daytime TV show “Today,” broadcast on RTE.

The sentiment is not shared elsewhere in Ireland. A survey taken last February found that 81 percent of the Irish said the world would be less safe if Trump was elected president.

(h/t Mashable)

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