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Dora The Explorer Fake Movie Trailer Stars Modern Family's Ariel Winter (VIDEO)

Parents just can't seem to escape Dora.

But in a new comedy sketch by College Humor, the cheery explorer comes to life as a badass agent who still rocks the short bob, handy backpack and Velcro shoes.

Played by "Modern Family" star Ariel Winter, Dora works to locate the one of the world's greatest treasures -- the Infinity Orb -- and she doesn't take any crap along the way. She even roughs up "Map" to get some answers.

Still, the feisty female keeps her peppy attitude and sense of teamwork as she collaborates with cousin Diego to bring down the bad guys, all while engaging the audience in the action.

"Swiper! He's right behind you," Diego declares to Dora while holding a gun.

"Do you see Swiper?" Dora says to the camera, as she waits for an answer.

But worry not. While Dora may be packing explosives and ammunition, it doesn't mean she's forgotten her Spanish.

"¡Boots, vamanos!" she exclaims, beckoning the beloved monkey. "That means 'Let's go.'"

The trailer may be a comedy sketch, but would you head to the theaters to support Dora's new role? Leave your thoughts in the comments section below.