You Can Buy A Jovani Jacket From Dorinda Medley On Poshmark

You too can start "Feelin' Jovani" for the low price of $199.

Money can’t buy you class ― but it can apparently buy you a piece of one of the “Real Housewives” franchise’s now most recognizable and iconic running gags.

“Real Housewives of New York” cast member Dorinda Medley recently listed a slew of new items to her “closet” on the clothing resale site Poshmark. Included in the high/low mix of goods is an embellished gold bomber jacket by none other than Jovani.


Jovani, for the uninitiated, is a fashion brand that Medley introduced to co-star Luann de Lesseps ahead of de Lesseps’ infamous cabaret show. Medley quite generously arranged for de Lesseps to pick out several gowns for the show.

But when de Lesseps consequently failed to invite Medley’s boyfriend, John Mahdessian, to the opening night performance of said cabaret, Medley reacted, in true iconic “Housewives” fashion, by repeatedly shouting the brand name during the performance.

The feud has since fizzled, but the Jovani influence remains intact. As The Cut explained in its fittingly titled piece “What is Jovani and Why Are The Real Housewives Obsessed With It?” the brand did not have an advertising deal with Bravo (the channel “Housewives” airs on), but the exchange has inadvertently boosted both brand recognition and traffic to the glitzy, glitter-inclined website.

It’s unclear if Medley’s Poshmark activity is for personal income or charity (she participated in a clothing sale for charity through ThredUp alongside fellow “Housewives” in 2018 and a Poshmark spokesperson confirmed they are not partnered with her, however said she could be donating the profits on her own).

It makes sense that there’s just one Jovani piece in her over-150-piece closet, seeing as she is reportedly “done” wearing the brand.

Either way, we have a feeling the jacket will be scooped up soon enough by someone who can “make it nice.”

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