Dorothy Custer, 102-Year-Old Woman, BASE Jumps Off Idaho Bridge To Celebrate Birthday (VIDEO)

Dorothy Custer, 102 years young, BASE-jumped off a bridge in Idaho to celebrate her recent birthday, and she broke into a smile that could melt any notion that adventure ends at a certain age.

In a YouTube video posted June 3, Custer takes a tandem leap with BASE pro Sean Chuma off the 486-foot high Perrine Bridge in Twin Falls. (Watch above.)

Custer told TV station KMVT that the secret to longevity is "action." She zip-lined to mark her 101st birthday and had planned a thrill-free 102nd until her family weighed in.

Asked why she attempted such a stunt, she told the outlet, "I guess probably because I don't know any better."

MSN called her a "badass." We second that.

Custer is something of a celebrity centenarian, having appeared on Jay Leno's show twice, KTVB notes. During her second appearance, she serenaded the host with "Let Me Call You Sweetheart."

Happy landings, Dorothy, and happy birthday!