Dorothy Height's Hats: A Look At Her Style Legacy (PHOTOS)

Civil rights godmother Dorothy Height will be buried today in Washington, D.C. after passing away last week at the age of 98. While she will certainly be remembered by those who have struggled with and continue to fight against inequality and prejudice, she will also be celebrated for her love of elaborate and stylish hats. President of the Children's Defense Fund and HuffPost Blogger Marian Wright Edelman wrote:

Through it all, Dr. Height's intellect and strength remained as sharp as her signature sense of style. A musical based on her life was named "If This Hat Could Talk," and anyone who knew Dr. Height and her trademark gorgeous hats understands just how that title was chosen. When Dr. Height was awarded her Congressional Gold Medal, then-Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton began her tribute by saying she had known Dr. Height for more than thirty years, since they first began working together on the Children's Defense Fund's board--and "just as in those long ago days, today once again, Dr. Height is the best dressed woman in the entire room.

Check out these images taken from C-SPAN's coverage of Height over the years: