Do's and Dont's for Your Resume

Resumes, a necessary component when it comes to applying for a job. They act as tools to help "sell" you as the best candidate for a job opening. How can you become a more viable candidate? Check out my tips below:

Remove Your Objective: Your objective is to get a job. Everything you have in there can be brought up during the interview process. Plus, the hiring manager's objective is to learn as much as they can about your experience and how it can positively impact the company.

Only Address Needed is Your Email Address: Save yourself some formatting space and get rid of your mailing address. Instead include a link to your LinkedIn Profile. Most hiring managers review resumes online. Giving them easy access to your full body of work is a must.

Give it Shape: Your experience section should look the an inverted pyramid. The top should include the most amount of bullets and should become less and less as you travel back in your career. Why? It shows the progress you have made as you moved up in the ranks. Plus, anything that might be seen as repetitive doesn't need to be listed twice. This is wasted space.

Use Their Words: After reading the job description see if you can integrate any of the words they used to describe their 'perfect' candidate into your resume. Tailoring portions of your resume to fit a particular job can take time but have a great ROI.

References Available Upon Request: This is really a no-brainer. Whoever is reading our email knows that they will be able to reach out and get references for any employee applying for a job. You are wasting valuable space by including this on your resume.