Forget Sports: Pro 'Dota 2' Gamers Will Make Millions This Year

Send this to anyone who ever told you to turn off the video games and play outside.

This year's prize pool for The International Dota 2 Championship in Seattle reached a record-setting $11,424,006 Friday morning. As James Vincent at The Verge pointed out, that's more than the prize pool of the Masters golf tournament, which this year offered $10 million in total. It's also more than Ozzy Osbourne's Beverly Hills mansion.

"Dota 2" is a hugely popular competitive multiplayer game that pits teams of five players against one another. It's enjoyed by people around the world and reportedly generates $18 million every month for game-maker Valve.

Streaming videos of "Dota 2" matches are also popular -- an estimated 134 million people watch so-called "e-sports" in some form.

The prize pool money for this year's championship was raised in part by players who have purchased a "compendium," which contains in-game items and enhancements.