Double Rainbow Guy Catches Yosemite Fire On Camera: 'I Fear Nothing' (NSFW VIDEO)

HE'S BACK: Double Rainbow Guy Catches Unbelievable Yosemite Fire On Camera

The last time the internet saw Paul "Bear" Vasquez, he was famously witnessing a double rainbow that went "all the way."

A video posted to Youtube on Monday saw him narrating a much more serious event--a massive wildfire that threatened his California home near Yosemite National Park.

(CAUTION: Video contains strong language.)

"That is so intense. Oh my God look at that...Oh jeez," he exclaims while filming.

In the video description, Vasquez, who was formerly a firefighter, says he was on the phone giving an interview to a CNN reporter when the flames started shooting up over the treeline, which is when he began filming.

The fire, which started in the afternoon on Father's Day, has burned over 1,600 acres of Mariposa County and forced some 1,900 people evacuate their homes. Vasquez said in the video that he was ordered to evacuate but chose to stay to protect his home and fruit trees.

"All the people who live here ran away like chickens," he wrote. "I fear nothing, I see it all as exciting, interesting and amazing!"

Vasquez explained he had a 2,500 gallon water tank and a hot tub full of water that he could use to stop the fire from destroying his property. He noted that if the fire crossed a nearby road, he hoped that he could get a fire truck to come to his property and give him some assistance.

"But if it looks like it's going to kill me, I have an evacuation plan," he explained. "I have a four-wheel drive vehicle set up that I'm going to drive out out here--I'll just throw my dogs in the car and then take off. I'm not going to risk my life for things, but I think that I can handle it and I think I know my boundaries and I think I know where I'm going to be safe."

The conflagration, which authorities said was about 15 percent contained as of Monday morning, has been blamed on an unattended campfire that spread out of control due to extremely high temperatures, low humidity and strong winds.

"While we are hoping we can make it through the next couple of days with minimal fire activity, we are prepared to respond if Mother Nature doesn't agree," Cal Fire director Chief Ken Pimlott said in a statement. "With approximately 94 percent of our wildfires being human caused, we are strongly urging the public to be extra careful and to take the proper steps to prevent wildfires."

The agency has sent over 800 firefighters to the region in an attempt to stop the blaze.

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