Double Rainbow Shines Over London (PHOTOS)

A few months ago, New York City was graced with a natural masterpiece: the mysterious double rainbow. Little did the city know, it was only a precursor to an even more impressive second installment.

It came earlier this month, when the city that never sleeps experienced an even greater mystery: a quadruple rainbow. Couldn't see it? Don't worry, you're not alone, since the bands that are actually visible are the third and fourth, with the first two in front of the sun.

The land of the Yankees, Broadway musicals, and $1 pizza slices isn't the only city privy to the colorful displays -- across the pond, London got a double rainbow of their own this Wednesday. According to the Daily Mail, "The phenomenon happened as a day of rain was brought to an end by a burst of late-afternoon sunshine."

Take a look, and tell us what you think! It's no moonbow, but it's still pretty cool. Maybe you'll have the same reaction as this super duper shocked guy.