Doug Hampton: Ensign Should 'Resign Immediately,' C Street Protecting Him (VIDEO)

Doug Hampton, whose wife had an affair with John Ensign, said in an interview that the Nevada senator should "resign immediately," claiming that powerful Republicans and others on Capitol Hill have protected Ensign.

When Hampton sought help to stop the affair, he reached out to Sen. Tom Coburn (R-Okla.), who lives with Ensign in a house on C Street in Washington associated with a secretive religious group. After an emotional meeting with Coburn, Hampton says he was encouraged to forgive.

"[The people at C Street] think the consequences don't apply," Hampton told ABC News's "Nightline". "Those need to be dealt with differently. Because of the responsibility. Because of pressure. Because of the work that needs to be done... This is about preserving John, preserving the Republican party, this is about preserving C Street. These men care about themselves and their own political careers, period."

Meanwhile the woman at the center of this scandal, Cindy Hampton, has been mysteriously absent.

Hampton also said he was "crystal clear" that a payment from Ensign's parents was actually a severance, which might violate campaign finance rules:

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