Doug Hoffman 'Un-Concedes' From NY-23 Special Election

Conservative Party candidate Doug Hoffman said on Glenn Beck's radio show Monday that he was "un-conceding" the special election in New York's 23rd district if possible.

While Hoffman's opponent, Democrat Bill Owens, has already been sworn into Congress, a routine review of the election has revealed Owen's marginal over Hoffman narrowing from 5,800 to 3,026 votes.

Hoffman, who conceded the special election under the impression he had incurred a significant loss to Owens on November 3, now wants to be rescind his forfeit.

When Hoffman was pushed by Beck if he was "officially un-conceding" the race, Hoffman responded, "If that's possible, yes."

While it is unlikely that Hoffman will be emerge victorious in the NY-23 race, he told Beck that he is optimistic on the outcome of the election.

Via ThinkProgress comes audio from Beck's program:

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