Republican Congressman Refuses COVID-19 Test After Staffers Test Positive

Rep. Doug Lamborn flew home to Colorado and attended an in-person fundraiser after working from D.C. last week.

Several congressional staffers working in the D.C. office of Rep. Doug Lamborn (R-Colo.) reportedly tested positive for the coronavirus this week.

But Lamborn has so far refused to get tested himself.

Anonymous sources told The Denver Post that Lamborn’s deputy chief of staff tested positive this weekend and his military legislative assistant tested positive on Tuesday.

Other staffers in the office, where Lamborn worked last week, have also been experiencing symptoms, a source told Colorado Politics.

The congressman returned to his district in central Colorado this week. Social media indicates that Lamborn is attending fundraisers, at least one in person, on behalf of Republican candidate Steve House in his attempt to unseat Rep. Jason Crow (D):

Lamborn spokesperson Cassandra Sebastian told KKTV that he isn’t exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19 and is “actively monitoring his health condition.”

Sebastian said the congressman “was advised” that he didn’t need to seek out a test or voluntarily quarantine after discussing his situation with the Attending Physician’s Office for the U.S. House of Representatives.

The congressman’s staff ― but not the congressman himself ― will work remotely for the next two weeks “in an abundance of caution,” said Sebastian.

It’s unclear how much time Lamborn spent in his own office last week, but Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidelines recommend that anyone who has “had close contact” with someone who tested positive take a test themselves.

The positive cases on Lamborn’s staff are the latest in an expanding COVID-19 outbreak in the nation’s capital, where at least 18 high-level Republicans have tested positive since a late-September Rose Garden event, including President Donald Trump and some of his top aides.

The White House has deliberately chosen not to investigate the source of the outbreak or trace those who have been in contact with the president.

CORRECTION: An earlier version of this article miscalculated the number of people who tested positive after the Rose Garden event.
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