Doug Wells, Legally Blind 15-Year-Old Pitches No-Hitter In Little League

Here's an inspiring story of a courageous teenager who reminds us that "can't" should be eliminated from our vocabulary.

Doug Wells, a 15-year-old from New Jersey, was diagnosed with glaucoma when he was an infant. Since then, he's endured five surgeries to attempt to correct his vision -- none of which worked. At this point, Wells is considered legally blind.

But, this season he pitched a no-hitter for his Little League team. That's right, he was the pitcher. He says that when he pitches almost everything is blurry, but he can see the catcher's mitt.

Despite his condition, his parents never set limits on his aspirations; they passed a positive attitude onto Doug. "This kid has never let his disability become a disability. He's overcome it. He plays, he competes, he plays with passion and pride," Wells' baseball coach told the "Today" show.

And his younger brother Alec says it's hard to even describe how proud he is:

"When he threw his no-hitter, I was all over him about it. I went to school telling everybody, 'Hey-hey, my brother threw a no-hitter! My brother threw a no-hitter! And he's half-blind. It's amazing.'"

In addition to baseball, Wells also enjoys basketball and recently took up football. He has no plans to quit anytime soon -- Wells has his sights set on a coaching career.