Famous Psychic Answers Woman's Question Before She Even Asks It

She was speechless.

Dougall Fraser reportedly gave his first psychic reading when he was 8 years old. Now in his late 30s, he's done countless.

One such reading happened during a session at Nicole Richie's Pearl xChange event, which featured talks aimed at empowering women in all areas of their lives. Fraser was one of the guest speakers that day, and he hosted a Q&A session with the audience during his time on stage.

A woman stood up to ask Fraser a question, but as soon as he laid eyes on her, he immediately began reading her aura, speaking about the colors he saw around her and explaining the issues that come along with having this type of energy. As it turns out, Fraser blew her away by addressing her exact question before she could say anything more than her name. The whole two-minute reading unfolds in the video above.

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