Evangelist Doug Sehorne Uses 'Modern Family' Photo On Cover Of Fundamentalist Ebook; Hilarity Ensues

You'll Never Guess Which 'Wicked" TV Family This Evangelist Accidentally Put On His Ebook

Fundamental Evangelist Doug Sehorne got a nasty shock when he realized that the image he had chosen for the cover of his e-book, "Bible Principles of Child Discipline from the Book of Proverbs)," was in fact a picture of a famous family from a "wicked TV show involving a gay couple!" according to his Facebook page.

doug sehorne

Yep, he put the much-loved Dunphys from TV show "Modern Family" on his book cover, who aren't beloved at all by many fundamentalist religious groups. The show was once called the "next big thing for gay rights" for positively depicting a gay couple with an adopted child, which makes it "wicked" in Sehorne's eyes.


He furiously ranted about the mix-up on his Facebook and Twitter pages, condemning "Modern Family," gay couples, TVs, TV shows, Google Images, and sodomy:

doug sehorne

doug sehorne

Though the book has been removed from Amazon.com, a cached version of the listing gives the description, "With many Christian parents losing their children to the world, this book gives fresh Biblical insight on how to discipline children properly and teach them charater [sic]."

Before it was removed from Amazon, Patheos quoted a couple lines from the book, including the advice, "You cannot raise the kids without a paddle."

We imagine Sehorne currently feels like this:

doug sehorne

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