Doughnut Stack Sweatshirt By Beloved Shirts Is Making Us Hungry (PHOTO)

We are real suckers for photo-realistic food prints.

As if you all didn't know already, we are real suckers for a photo-realistic food print on non-edible items. Remember the food tents? We sure do. They almost got us to go camping. Next on deck, incredible, realistic, vividly printed food sweatshirts from Beloved Shirts.

First, we stumbled upon their Doughnut Stack Sweatshirt. It delighted our collective sweet tooth. How could they do this? Well, Beloved Shirts explains, because of their "special sublimation technique."

doughnut stack sweatshirt

How does sublimation printing work? We seriously have no idea. We meant to investigate further, but then we noticed the Pickle Sweatshirt and got totally distracted. Check out a few more of Beloved Shirts' amazing food-themed sweatshirts below.

[h/t Fancy]

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Beloved Shirts Food Sweatshirts