Douglas Murray Defends Free Speech to Those Who Question Why You Exercise Your Freedom

British journalist Douglas Murray provides a brilliant example of how to push back against a perverse narrative, after the Paris murders of journalists and Jews by fundamentalist Muslims.

Murray begins by rejecting the premise of the first question posed by the Al Jazeera host, and he continues to appropriately frame the narrative from there.

Al Jazeera Host: "Do you think this attack will underscore the message of the far right in Europe at least of the incompatibility of Islam and the West or Western values?

Douglas Murray: That's a pretty atrocious question if I may say so. We're about 24 hours away from twelve people being gunned down in a newspaper office in the center of Paris in a European city, because they offended, allegedly, Islamic blasphemy laws, blasphemy laws which France, Britain, and other European countries do not have, and do not believe in, and do not follow.

And for you to turn the question immediately, not on the people who have been massacred because of asserting their rights as European French citizens, but on to the alleged terrible discrimination of the French is really quite despicable.