Douglas Schoen, Fox News Contributor And Democratic Pollster, Fundraising For GOP Candidate

Media Matters reports that Douglas Schoen, a Fox News contributor usually identified onscreen as a "Democratic pollster" or as a former political adviser to Bill Clinton, will be hosting a fundraiser for New York Republican congressional candidate John Gomez.

Gomez tweeted about the event on Thursday afternoon:

Doug Schoen to Speak at Meet & Greet for John Gomez for Cong... via #constantcontactless than a minute ago via Constant Contact


The tweet included a link to the time and location of the fundraiser. Gomez requested that each person attending donate $100 to his campaign. He is running against Steve Israel in New York's Second District. On his website, Gomez highlights endorsements from Sarah Palin, Michele Bachmann, Mitt Romney and Rudy Giuliani, and vows to repeal the Democratic health care plan.

As Media Matters documented, Schoen is a frequent guest on Fox News, appearing 27 times on "Hannity" alone this year. The website says that Hannity promised New York Republicans that he would try and help get Gomez elected, and asserts that Schoen's appearance is one of the ways the host is attempting to do so.

"So now that Schoen is fundraising for the GOP, will Fox News still identify him as a 'Democratic pollster'?" Media Matters asks.

Schoen also writes opinion columns for; the latest, titled "What Democrats Must Do If They Want To Hold The Senate," appeared on Wednesday. On his website, Schoen calls himself "one of the most influential Democratic campaign consultants for over thirty years" and touts his work for Bill Clinton, Mike Bloomberg, Evan Bayh and Tony Blair, among others.