Douglas Vermeeren: A Unique Luminary

Douglas Vermeeren: A Unique Luminary
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Speaking business trainer and owner of 10X Your Speaking Business, Douglas Vermeeren, gives seminars all over the world. He works with celebrities, athletes, trainers, coaches, business owners, and entrepreneurs, helping them to “find their voice” and create their speaking business. Douglas is one of the top three in his field who during his first six months as a speaker, created a seven-figure business.

After reading Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich, he began interviewing top achievers in business. The late Frank McGuire, co-founder of Fed Ex, former VP of marketing for KFC and American Airlines, Dr. John Di Martini, Bob Proctor, and Brian Tracy are among those who have influenced Vermeeren.

Vermeeren is teaching people how to create a speaking business in today’s marketplace. He says, “connect-ability and authenticity will develop relationships with the audience causing the speaker to stand out in their niche. People who are shouting from the stage for the audience to ‘buy their book or come to their event’ are quickly becoming invisible. To successfully gain recognition for their talents and abilities, speakers need to let go of the ego and generate the relationships. Signature speeches are a thing of the past. Today’s audiences are expecting you to know your content so well that you are truly an expert who can indeed provide the solutions they are looking for.”

Take the time to learn the content relative to the conversation that is going on in your marketplace. “Unless you know it, you can’t flow it,” says Vermeeren. When asked about his vision for his clients, Vermeeren says the general apprehension to embrace financial abundance. Many people think that you can’t be the loving thought leader or the helpful healer if you’re making money. That’s incorrect. It’s an exchange of value. Being compensated for the value you bring to others allows you to reach more people and do more good.

Having done quite a bit of stand-up comedy, Vermeeren believes that humor is an important part of speaking from the stage. Speakers can benefit from learning the skills of stand-up comedy. It will help you to choose your words wisely and answer tough questions from your audiences.

Creator of three of the top ten personal development films of all time, The Opus, The Gratitude Experiment and The Treasure Map, Vermeeren has also won the Speaking Market Showcase Excellence Award for Contributions to the industry of speaking and has been rated the top speaker training company in the world by several media outlets including FOX, ABC, and NBC. Laser focused on 10x Your Speaking Business, Douglas Vermeeren is the most sought-after trainer in his field. The best of the best desire to have an authentic conversation with their audiences.

Believing that our best personal development leaders and greatest teachers are still to come, and that one of the most important things for youth to learn is public speaking, Vermeeren is encouraging and teaching the youth of today. His youngest student is four years old and already had two books to his credit! An eight-year-old from London hosts a Facebook Live show and is interviewing greats like John Di Martini and Bob Doyle from The Secret. In addition, his charitable giving also focuses on children’s hospitals. Currently, locally, but in 2018, that reach will extend to the hospitals in the countries where Vermeeren speaks.

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