Doug's Dozen: 12 Captions for 'A Nose Grows on His Forehead' Guy

If you're on the Internet this week, you've probably seen the photo of a Chinese man, and the article titled "A Nose Grows on One Man's Forehead."

It's for a very sensible reason. But that's not going to stop me from suggesting...

Doug's Dozen: 12 Captions for "A Nose Grows on His Forehead" Guy

1. You're right, 'A Tree Grows in Brooklyn' is a better title.

2. And you thought you had a bad nose job.

3. Man, put on a hat when you sneeze.

4. Hey, that's not dandruff, that's cocaine!

5. Another stuck-up jerk with his nose in the air.

6. Originally, they put it in his armpit, but he kept passing out.

7. On the plus side, his nosebleeds end quickly.

8. I complained because I had an ear on my butt, and then I met a man who had a nose on his forehead.

9. Another reason to never make fun of a Gypsy fortuneteller.

10. I'm not just the President of the Extra Nose Club For Men... I'm a customer!

11. At least when he has a brain fart, he knows it immediately.

12. Well, I'd rather watch him for 21 hours than Ted Cruz.

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