Doug's Dozen: 12 Christmas Songs for the Trump Era

The Republican Party's Christmas message not only refers to Trump as our "new King" but our "Saviour", as it is written in the Gospel of Priebus. Maybe some sore losers are offended by things like treason and blasphemy, but the rest of us had better with the program before the next holiday season rolls around. So here are...

Doug's Dozen: 12 Christmas Songs for the Trump Era

1. White Christmas (And Don't You Forget It)

2. Silenced Rights

3. Arrest These Fairy Gentlemen

4. Oil, Spill It on the Mountains

5. Undocumented Children Go Where I Send Thee

6. Do You Hear the Bad Stuff That I Hear?

7. It Flamed Upon a Midnight Tweet

8. Go Home, Go Home, Illegal Manuel

9. Trump's Beginning to Act a Lot Like Hitler

10. O, Holy Shit

11. I'll Be Impeached by Christmas

12. Bad King Pence's Laws


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