Doug's Dozen: 12 Replies to George W. Bush Saying He Doesn't Miss Being President

This took me about ten minutes, and only because I'm a slow typist...

Doug's Dozen: 12 Replies to the Easiest Set-up of the Decade

1. It's mutual, dude.

2. And you sure missed while being president -- just ask bin Laden.

3. That's how Iraq feels.

4. How can you miss something you never were?

5. And that's how New Orleans feels.

6. Know who I miss being president? Al Gore.

7. Bit easier sneaking a beer now, ain't it?

8. Never mind you, does Cheney miss it?

9. Yeah, after you start two wars, crash the economy and legalize torture... it gets kinda dull.

10. Always thinking of yourself. What about us comedy writers?

11. Now your brother Jeb, HE'S gonna miss being president.

12. That's OK, president only lasts 8 years... National Punchline lasts a lifetime.

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