Doug's Dozen: 12 Signs That Your Agent Is Scamming You

Los Angeles City Attorney Mike Feuer announced a crackdown on talent agents and managers who illegally charge their clients upfront thousands of dollars for representation and other expenses.

This should come as a wake-up call to aspiring performers: You should not pay your representative until they have obtained work for you.

But there are other danger signs, so please beware and watch out for...


1. He requires your credit card number before he takes your call.

2. His office is behind a gas station and you drop a quarter in his door to see him.

3. All the pictures on his wall came with the frames.

4. Every time he sends you out on a casting call, your place gets burgled.

5. He takes you out to lunch at his mom's home - then disappears when she brings the check.

6. He charges you for head shots - which he makes by holding your face down on his copier.

7. Your agency contract says "car loan application" and your name goes under "co-signer."

8. He convinces you to act for free in a student film playing a house painter; it turns out to be his house.

9. He insures your life for a million dollars, then flies you in to network at a film festival in Mosul, Iraq.

10. After your role in a medical show no one ever heard of, you realize you are missing a kidney.

11. He keeps coming over to your place at night to help you rehearse for a big porn role.

12. He tells you, "Just sit back and I'll do all the work."

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