12 Signs That California Has Had Too Much Rain

1. Car washes selling do-it-yourself kits: Box of soap flakes tied to vehicle roof

2. "2011: The Prequel" started shooting today; special FX budget - Zero

3. Department of Water and Power urging customers to take long showers and flush twice

4. Despite her tax cut, Paris Hilton ran out of $1000 bills to wipe mud off her shoes

5. Cliffside mansions being reclassified as mobile homes

6. L.A. River now an actual river

7. 405 Freeway, normally a parking lot...now a marina

8. Owners of Frank Lloyd Wright homes forced to seek shelter outdoors

9. First total lunar eclipse on solstice in 400 years, ruined when moon washed away

10. Translated Mayan prophecy warns: Hope you cleaned out the storm drains

11. Schwarzenegger keeps shorting out

12. Forest fire danger signs lowered to "Moderate"

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