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Dov Hikind, NY Assemblyman, Calls For Ethnic Profiling Bill (VIDEO)

In the wake of this past weekend's attempted terror bombing, Brooklyn Assemblyman Dov Hikind plans to reintroduce his 2005 bill that would allow police to use ethnic profiling to spot terrorists.

Hikind believes that ethnic profiling is not unconstitutional because "he says a 'compelling governmental interest' in using it to save lives."

Under Hikind's bill, race and ethnicity would be fair game for police officers when deciding who to stop, question and search.

Hikind says he personally does not believe in profiling, but "there are exceptional situations where you have to use exceptional means." He continues:

"We can go after 80-year-old men and women getting on a plane. But the reality is that you look at the profile of what terrorists have looked like, where they come from and so on and it just makes sense to use that along with other things."

We're not saying only look at one group. What we're saying is: Let's go with the odds. It makes sense. We do it in baseball, by the way. We do it in many other areas. It surely makes sense to do it if the possibility is there to save the lives of innocent people all over the world."

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