Dove Parody Spoofs 'Patches' Campaign: 'You're Not Actually A Hideous Monster!'

Dove Parody: 'You're Not Actually A Hideous Monster!'

Dove might assume that all women are constantly deeply insecure about their appearances, but not everyone is buying it.

In Dove's most recent ad campaign, "Patches," women were told that to wear a "beauty patch" for two weeks and record any changes in their self-esteem in a video diary. At the end of the advertisement, they were told that the patch was just a sticker, and their improved confidence was all an illusion. None of the women questioned the efficacy of the "patch" in the first place, or were angry that they'd been duped, which made the ad come off as somewhat manipulative and the women as gullible.

Some viewers found the ad inspiring, but others found it insulting, "garbage" and "bullsh*t."

Comedy network Above Average ran with the criticism of Dove's pseudo-science to make their parody video, in which a "scientist" tries to make women believe that a man in a gorilla suit is actually how they see themselves when they look in the mirror -- and reveals that, in fact, their hideous appearances were all in their heads.

Unlike the original Dove spot, the ladies in this video don't fall for the gimmick. As one of the women says: "I don't think that I look like a zoo animal." We'll take a t-shirt with that printed on it.

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